Tera Mera Saath Rahe Episode 12 Written: Saksham gives promise to Mithila

Tera Mera Saath Rahe Episode 12 31st August 2021 Written Update 

Tera Mera Saath Rahe Episode 12 Written Minal draws the sketch and shows it to Mithila. She thinks she knows Gopika is the kind of girl that is right for this family. Saksham believes that Gopika thinks like this and therefore she isn’t suitable for him. He then leaves the room and throws the sketch, which breaks down. Then he enters the room. Gopika then opens her eyes to see everyone and thinks that Saksham must have done something. Ashi and Ramila ask Minal about Chirag’s wedding. Minal replies that she will speak to Ashi on the telephone. Mithila asks Gopika for help and asks her to ask god for blessings. Gopika thanks god for giving her someone she doesn’t value having. In the future, whatever happens, it will be Saksham and god’s decision. She then sends a letter to Saksham describing her education and how she doesn’t know how to drive a vehicle. After reading it, she asks if he would like to cancel the wedding. The worker takes the letter and asks Saksham to return it. When Saksham is not found, the worker places the letter in his bedroom. Gopika is shocked to see the frame broken into pieces. She believes she made it for Saksham out of so much love, but he tosses it like this and becomes sad. Ramila asks Minal for a call, so she can tell her what her plan is about Chirag’s marriage.
Anand visits Gopika to ask her if everything is okay. Gopika also compares her education, pointing out how she is unable to do everything but she thinks Saksham might like her. She tells Saksham that Saksham took her drawing. Ashi praises Ramila’s trapping Minal. Anand advises Gopika not to think this way, saying that life partners don’t have to be able to drive or speak English. Then he suggests that the sketch she created may have fallen by accident. Anand is told by Gopika that Saksham has called her to inform her that he doesn’t want to marry her. Anand assures Gopika that such a thing is unlikely. Saksham’s bedroom, the letter is released. Mithila questions Saksham about his worry. Saksham says that Gopika and his thoughts and expectations are completely different. This is how their marriage will turn out. Mithila says that Gopika is the right person for him. He also promises to give Gopika another chance. Saksham promises Mithila that the latter will leave. Saksham believes he cannot oppose Mithila’s decision, but he cannot marry Gopika. So he calls her. Gopika answers the phone but Ramila interrupts the conversation. Saksham cuts off the call and sends Gopika an email stating that he will read the message and then act as per his plan. Gopika reads the message and then goes to Ashi to find out what it says. Ashi calls Ramilq to let her know that Minal has called. Minal shows Chirag to Dikshita and says that she only got the idea because of Ramila. Ramila gets shocked. Ashi is shocked when Saksham reads Gopika’s message. Ashi and Gopika both hear Ramila screaming, so they both go to find out what happened. Gopika considers Ashi’s wordbreak and believes Saksham doesn’t want to marry her. Ramila also thinks Gopika isn’t suitable for Saksham. Ramila informs Ashi about Chirag’s engagement to Dikshita, but Ashi asks her to keep hope alive that they still have time. Ashi informs Ramila of Saksham’s message to Gopika. She tells her that it is over. Saksham is puzzled why Gopika hasn’t replied to him.   Ashi and Ramila visit Gopika, who then packs all Modi’s gifts. Ramila tells Ashi that Saksham is wrong about her so Saksham decides not to end the alliance. Ramila says Ashi played a prank on Ashi and then Ashi alters the whole message of Saksham. Gopika asks Gopika how she will prepare for her wedding the same way as she did for her engagement. Gopika laughs at herself for not understanding Saksham’s message and says she will do the Saksham requested. Precap: Saksham calls Gopika, who is in the parlour. Saksham questions Gopika if she has read his message. Gopika claims she has. Saksham questions Gopika if she will do the right thing he asked. Gopika smiles and thinks about Ashi’s words. Saksham believes that Hope Gopika won’t be coming to the wedding. Gopika prepares for the wedding. Saksham sits down on the Mandap. Tera Mera Saath Rahe Episode 12 Watch on hotstar
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