Kundali Bhagya Episode 1054 Written Update: Rakhi Reveals The News Of Adoption To Sarla And Shristhi

Kundali Bhagya Episode 1054 Written Update Kundali Bhagya Episode 1054 Written Update Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Rakhi Reveals The News Of Adoption To Sarla And Shristhi Pihu runs around the house trying to catch it, but it hits the floor with her feet and enters Mahesh Luthra’s room. He is shocked to see it, and then looks up at Mahesh, who is also looking at him confused. Mahesh picks up the ball and asks Pihu for it. She then asks him to sit down, and he replies that he can now stand straighter because of her help. Both Karan and Preeta are congratulated by the NGO workers. They then hand them the papers, stating that they are now the adoptive parents. Sarla calls Shristhi asking for help. Shristhi suggests that they go to the Mandir, but Sarla says she prefers to perform the Pooja in their home. Shristhi laughs and asks Rakhi to turn the speaker on. Rakhi asks Sarla questions about Sameer’s mobile. Shristhi also wants to know if he will give blessings on the phone. Shristhi, in excitement, mentions that she will go get ready. Sarla then thinks she will make Kheer and then take out the oil. Rakhi exclaims in excitement that they will now perform the Pooja together with Sarla, Shristhi, Karan and Preeta arrive with Pihu, who in excitement questions Rakhi about why she is crying. Rakhi denies that she is actually crying and says that she would enjoy the Pooja and break the pots. Sameer chases Rakhi and hugs her. Rakhi then leaves, suggesting that they get ready for Pooja. Prithvi comes to Sherlin and says that the situation is very bad for them both. Sherlin responds that she was happy to know Preeta wouldn’t be able become a mother because then her family would hate her. Prithvi sits down and thinks she should shake hands with Preeta. Sherlin stands up and mentions that they have no other option since a child came into their lives at Jamashtri. Even though Karan made such a terrible mistake, no one believes it to be wrong. Kritika places Prithvi’s dress on the bed, mentioning that he chose it himself. She asks Prithvi if he knows the child, and prithvi says that he would be happy to change the dress. Karina asks Sameer why it is taking so much time. Mahesh replies that he is almost done. Karina then questions Pihu. Kritika responds she is attaching a ring of peacock. Dadi then questions Pihu. Rakhi replies that she is about to come. Prithvi exclaims this scene is great as it has changed the emotions of all the family. Kritika, standing beside him, immediately goes to hug her. Sarla, Shristhi, and Dadi ask about their granddaughter. Pihu immediately attempts to break the pot but she is unable to do so. The whole family praises her for pushing the sofa, but Sarla asks her to look at Preeta, who then signals Pihu to move closer. Sarla questions Pihu about her identity. Sarla clarifies that she is Preeta’s mother, which means she is Pihu’s Grandmother. Sarla then asks Pihu if she knows the name of the tall girl. Shristhi then asks her if she doesn’t know, and she replies she is Preeta’s younger sister

Kundali Bhagya Episode 1054 Written Update End


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