Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 1st Episode Written Update: Ram And Priya’s Broken Hearts

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 Episode 1 Written Update: Ram And Priya’s Broken Hearts

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 1st Episode Written Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 1st Episode Written starts:-  with Ram coming to meet a girl Vedika/Vedu. She says I know it won’t be easy for you. He says I will do it. She says I don’t have a right to ask for it. He says you have a right. She says something is between us. He says it was everything for us, I loved just once, I can do this for this love. She asks do I take this as yes. He says I can’t say no to you, I will fulfill you wish before the next year, its my promise. She says I will wait for next year’s rains. It starts raining. She asks driver to wait in the car. She asks Ram to come. He says you forgot, I still love the rain. He stands in the rains. She goes. He thinks my love is yours, I stay in your life or not, I have named my life to you. Someone records the video. A man gets the clip. The says this season’s last rain gave me this gift, next year rain will be great, Ram Kapoor is so foolish. After one year, Ram comes to the office. His friend says you promised Vedika one year back, you are still keeping it, your sister’s engagement. He talks to is manager Varun and says I will call you Tarun. His friend says Vedika got married to someone, what’s love now. Ram says she requested me, that her brother-in-law marries Shivi, she joined a relation, we will be there on time, when is the flight, Vedu and I will be there in the same wedding ceremony, but wedding will be someone else’s, our families will join, Shivi will be happy. He goes to the conference hall. He talks to the clients. He says my company won’t make any unrealistic promises. His friend says he is a killer, he keeps a medicine for every disease, he doesn’t love sleep, he works 18 hours and other time he travels, he is a family man, he is a kid at home. Varun asks what do you want for your friend’s future. Ram’s friend says I wish someone makes him reach his destination. A girl talks of rains’ romantic settings. Priya asks what nonsense. Priya says please continue your poetry on rains. The guy asks her to come over and talk. Priya addresses everyone. She says you all got lazy and talk about rains always, you are wasting our time, one who doesn’t get down in rains like the rains, sorry, think about those, who have a half pay cut, because they can’t reach office because of rains, rains are imp because we live in monsoon dependent countries, this isn’t a spirit, but a helplessness. Ram is leaving for his sister’s engagement. The man says everyone signed, its a 400 crore deal. The students talk about Priya, she is frustrated, because she didn’t get a man. Priya stares at them. They go. Priya talks to her friend. She leaves in the lift. She says you can’t go in advertising. Priya says they sell wants, not good products. The students joke on Priya. Priya says when there is mud in life, just raincoat helps, I have to go home. She leaves in the auto. Ram talks to Shivi on call. Shivi says I want vegan cupcakes, who designed these shoes. He asks don’t you like it. She wears the shoes. She says these are okayish, I will wear them. Ram says you chose this. She says I want vegan cupcakes at my engagement. Ram says she wants leather shoes, but cupcakes vegan, she has no logic. Priya is at the cafe. She asks Akki to move on, his GF dumped him. He says we mutually decided it, she didn’t dump me. The bakery lady asks them to manage. She leaves. Akki says at least sympathize with your younger brother. Priya says I don’t sell lies. She gets Ram’s call. He orders vegan cupcakes. Priya says we fulfill rich people’s demands. Ram asks her to make it well, do the best she can, its for his sister’s engagement. She asks address. He says Ram Kapoor’s house. He asks his friend for postal address. He says bungalow number 9, send it by cab, I will pay for it. She asks will you send a helicopter if cab gets stuck in jam. Ram says I will send someone, you keep it ready. She says fine. He asks do you have normal cupcakes. She tells the list. He asks can you make all in one. She says no. He says pack one of all those kinds. She says fine, order it, and pay for it. He asks did rains start in Mumbai. She says yes. He says nice. He ends call. Ram reaches Mumbai. He says Adi, our two tigers have come. He gets inside the car. He asks for cupcakes. The guy says its behind, this is yours. They leave. Priya is at the bakery. Akki says look at Shivi’s social media post. Priya asks him to focus on life, love doesn’t exist, its sold like they sell cupcakes. Ram is on the way. He talks to his friends. Adi asks him not to stress out. Ram says I want everything to get fine, I do everything for family. Adi gets his wife’s call. He says I love you, I m in the car, look at Ram. He asks Ram to tell her to talk to him well. Vrinda says I m getting ready. Ram asks her to come fast. Adi says I didn’t pick my mum-in-law from airport, now Vrinda will feed me tinde all month. Ram laughs. Priya asks Akki to clear his mind. Akki says its romantic rain, I m missing Shivi. Priya says don’t behave like an idiot. Adi says when you get married, then you talk to me. Akki shows Shivi’s post. He says she misses me. Priya takes his phone. She says she should not think anything else than her would be husband, why do you want to break your heart, already we have broken hearts in the family. He says I won’t go, but see the rains. Ram says I m happy to be single. Priya says I m leaving, bye. The car breaks down. Inspector asks why did you stop the car here. Adi asks Ram to get a rickshaw and leave, he will come. Priya says Mumbai rains doesn’t stop. Adi says go Ram, this way will make you reach your house. Ram goes by walk. Priya and Ram try to hire an auto. She sits in the auto. Ram says I will pay you double, or triple, I need to go home. Priya asks the driver to drive. Ram says we will share the ride, its my sister’s engagement. Priya thinks he is showing off his money, but its sister’s marriage so… She asks driver to stop. Adi asks Ram to come. Ram leaves in his car.

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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 1st Episode Written Update

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